It is of our utmost concern to protect your privacy and confidentiality. We understand that you will be concerned to know how data that you provide to us will be used by us. It is also important that you know of your rights to ask us about the information that we hold.

Adlams LLP will never sell your data to a third party.


Our main source of information will be from you in your capacity as a client of the firm. You will as a bare minimum be asked to provide proof of your identity and address. You will also need to provide us with information relevant to the matter that we are dealing with, which may include details of your finances and assets, your obligations and liabilities and your family circumstances.

This information may be provided to us in person or by electronic communications or perhaps through our website, for example, in relation to a conveyancing quotation.

Further information may be obtained from third parties such as estate agents, mortgage advisors, financial advisors, accountants, doctors, social workers, local authority employees, financial institutions, HM Courts and Tribunals Service and other bodies or advisors with whom we may have contact in relation to your case.


Adlams LLP will primarily use your data to assist with the handling of your case and also to comply with our regulatory obligations.

We may as a matter of dealing with your case need to supply information to HM Courts and Tribunals Service, HM Revenue & Customs, social workers or other professions involved in your matter, other firms of solicitors or to our regulatory body. There may also be instances where your details may need to be provided to the police or other law enforcement agencies, where there is a lawful reason for doing so.

We will store information about you on our files and our computers/servers. At the conclusion of your matter, your file will be retained for a minimum of 6 years, whereafter it may be destroyed. We may store certain items for you on a long terms basis, such as Wills or Deeds and certain information may be stored with your Wills and Deeds despite the destruction of your file.

If you are a regular client of the firm, we may maintain a permanent records file with your information stored therein, to avoid the need to ask you for the same on a regular basis.

Information that we hold on our files or on our servers may be disclosed to all employees of the firm, our auditors and regulators, the Legal Ombudsman and any other party with whom we may need to disclose your details for the purposes of the matter that we are dealing with for you.

We do not generally use data held by us for marketing purposes, but may on occasion and from time to time be in touch with you with regard to information that we may think is of use to you.

Any such information that is provided will contain an option for you to indicate that you wish to receive no such further communications.

When you visit our website, "cookies" will be added to your computer such that your computer is recognised in future.

We may obtain financial information from you to obtain payment for goods and services that we provide. When the information is provided to us for this purpose, we will not store it any longer than is necessary for the purpose of processing the payment.


The General Data Protection Regulations which came into force on 25 May 2018, mean that you have the right to request from us a copy of the data that we hold in relation to you. You can also ask that we update data that we hold. In certain circumstances you may ask us to remove data from our records, but we must at all times comply with our regulatory requirements and it may not be possible to permanently remove your data until all regulatory requirements have been complied with.

We will comply with all obligations placed on us by the appropriate legislation at the relevant time.


Adlams LLP operate modern computer equipment with appropriate levels of protection in place to reduce the risk of unlawful or unauthorised disclosure of your personal data.

Nothing in this Privacy Policy affects the long standing requirement that solicitors maintain their clients' confidentiality, subject to certain lawful exceptions.

If information is provided to third parties in accordance with this Policy, the management of your data by that third party is then under the control of that third party (who will also be governed by the General Data Protection Regulations).


Janice Lowther is the firm's data officer and she is also a partner of the firm. She can be contacted on 01480 474061 or Our address for any written enquiries is Adlams LLP, 37b Market Square, St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 2AR.

Adlams LLP is registered with the Information Commissioner's Officer with register entry number 27425757. You may if you wish contact the Information Commissioner's Office, the website being Their helpline is 0303 123 1113.


This Privacy Policy covers Adlams LLP and any successor practice.

This Policy may be updated from time to time and you can at any time request an up to date copy of this policy.